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In recent years residential deck failures have gained attention in the news. By one estimate, of the 40 million existing decks in the United States only 50% meet the minimum standards specified in the building code. Fortunately, research has led to many new code requirments that will hopefully help to ensure public safety with respect to these very common structures found in residential construction.

 How Can Shell + Meyer Associates Help?

  • If you plan on building a new deck Shell + Meyer can provide complete design documents and engineering for the new deck to meet the new code requirements. Or if you already have deck plans and details Shell + Meyer can provide a design review and verify that the design will satisfy the building code requirements.*

  • If you have an existing deck that you may have concerns about (or are about to purchase a new residence with an attached deck), Shell + Meyer can provide a deck inspection and offer recommendations on how (if practical) the existing deck can meet the code minimum.


*Note: Shell + Meyer cannot seal documents that were not produced under the direct supervision of our design engineers.

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